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Deaf Awareness Courses

Our half-day course will train your staff to provide better service to people with a hearing loss.

Topics covered include:

  • How to communicate with a d/Deaf or hearing-impaired person
  • How to get the attention of such a person and what NOT to do
  • Understanding deafness
  • Developing Communication Tactics for successful outcomes
  • The Differences Between Deaf People
  • How Common is Deafness?
  • Types of Hearing Loss
  • The Impact of Sound
  • The Impact of Deafness
  • Language & Culture of Deaf People
  • Hearing Aids and Lipreading
  • Tinnitus

This course can be provided anywhere in the south east at a time (morning/afternoon/evenings or weekends, as required.) Provide your staff with this valuable training for just £20 per person, (subject to a minimum number of 14 persons attending the course.)  Our standard cost is £280 plus our tutor's mileage from Canterbury. Staff from multiple sites can be accommodated on one course.

A certificate of competence will be awarded to everyone who successfully completes the course.

Download an application form