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Pre-Level 3

Hi Kent's Pre-Level 3 BSL Course has been designed to prepare anyone who has already passed BSL Level 2 to advance to our BSL Level 3 course.

It is not essential to take the Pre-Level 3 Course, but many people will find it helpful, especially if some time has elapsed since their Level 2 course.

The course will build on all your current skills and teach you how to utilise these within a presentation format.  You will also learn how to debate successfully on various topics within the Deaf community, improve your knowledge of regional differences whilst improving both receptive and productive skill sets.  Key aspects that this course focusses on are:

  • Receptive & Productive skills
  • Regional signing & differences
  • Presentation building
  • Debates
  • Researching and compiling information
  • Introduction into linguistics
  • and many more

The course costs just £400 per person.  Download your application form here