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Conversor Multipack 2TX 6RX

Conversor Pro Multipack 2TX 6RX
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Conversor Multipack 2TX 6RX

Whether in a classroom, lecture, or meeting room, people who are hard of hearing face a real challenge understanding the speaker clearly amongst surrounding background noises. The average noise level in a classroom is 75dB and if that is combined with poor acoustics, even those with normal hearing will struggle to hear the speaker’s voice.

Conversor Pro MultiPack addresses the needs of multiple hard of hearing individuals in these settings, providing them front-row sound level and clarity up to 50 metres (150 feet) away from the speaker. The user can wear a telecoil-enabled hearing aid, headphones or earphones.

Conversor Pro MultiPack can include one or two Conversor Pro microphone/transmitters and up to eleven Conversor Pro pendant receivers - this is specified as 2 transmitters and 6 receivers, if you need any other specification please contact us. Each transmitter can be used with multiple receivers, which are set to the same frequency. A maximum of 12 units can be charged within the robust carrying case, thus eliminating the need for additional charger units. Each Conversor Pro microphone/transmitter can be used with any number of Conversor Pro receivers and additional charging cases can be supplied to meet the requirement.

Alternatively, a Conversor TV Pro transmitter can be used with the MultiPack receivers for listening to a Television in a group setting, such as a care home, or for broadcasting the output from a sound or soundfield system in a classroom or at an entertainment venue.

Conversor Pro transmitter/microphones and receivers can be easily programmed to different frequency channels to enable simultaneous use within the same room or adjacent rooms.

Where multiple microphone/transmitters are required the Conversor Pro multichannel receiver can accommodate three microphone/transmitters at the same time. The signal is mixed and the volume of each microphone/transmitter can be adjusted to suit and then is transmitted to any number of Conversor Pro receivers.

A TV Pro transmitter can be added or substituted when a sound or soundfield system is used. Additional microphone/transmitters can be used when used with a Conversor Pro multichannel receiver.