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Conversor Pro Plus Personal Listener plus TV transmitter

Conversor Pro Plus with TV transmitter
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The Conversor Pro powerful microphone can be handheld or placed on a surface near the sound source.  It gives the user the ability to 'focus' and choose what they want to hear, whether in a one-to-one situation, a group discussion or a meeting room.

The Conversor Pro reduces background noice and enables the user to take part in most everyday conversations by improving sound intelligibility.  The package also includes a neck cord which to plug into the microphone to provide hands-free operation.  This is ideal to give to teachers or lecturers to use during lessons and is also great for a partner or spouse to use while driving or shopping.

The Conversor Pro Plus comes with a Television transmitter that plugs into the television or other sound source and transmits the sound directly into the neck loop.  The advantage of the Pro Plus is having the two transmitters, the standard microphone/transmitter which can be taken out and about and the TV transmitter that can be plugged in at home and left alone to use when required.