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Induction Loops

Products in this category

  • Mega Loop

    Mega Loop

    £93.00 (£111.60 inc VAT)

    A powerful and extremely flexible induction loop amplifier designed for hearing aid users and featuring exclusive background noise control.

  • Sarabec LA240 home loop system

    Sarabec LA240 home loop system

    £109.99 (£131.99 inc VAT)

    The LA240 Loop System provides a practical solution for hearing aid users to listen more easily to their TV or Audio equipment via the “T” or “Loop” program of their hearing aid.

  • Echo Port-A-Loop System

    Echo Port-A-Loop System

    £300.00 (£360.00 inc VAT)

    The perfect portable Loop System. This is ideal for Demonstrations, Conferences, Occasional Meetings and Guest Speakers, and any situation where a hard of hearing person may have difficulty participating.

  • Cross-Counter Loop System

    Cross-Counter Loop System

    £165.00 (£198.00 inc VAT)

    For all those people with hearing difficulties who visit the Bank, Building Society or the Reception Desk at any public building, and know the frustration of not being able to communicate with staff.