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Infralight Swing TV Listening System With Headset

Infralight SWING IR headset
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The Infralight Headset Listener consists of two parts, a mains powered transmitter and a receiver powered by a rechargeable battery. The transmitter picks up the sound from your TV and sends it to the headset receiver via an invisible infra red beam.

As this system transmits via infra red the receiver must always be in the “line of sight” of the transmitter i.e the same way a remote control works with your TV. For this reason the transmitter is best placed either on top of or underneath your TV.

  • Infra red transmitter with mains lead and built in headset battery charger. 
  • The transmitter can be set to mono or stereo.
  • Infra red headset receiver with automatic on/off switch,rotary volume control and in the ear style ear pieces. 
  • 1 x rechargeable battery. 
  • Direct connection leads to connect to TV SCART, audio phono or 3.5mm headphone socket 
  • 1 x microphone with 4 m lead and Velcro pads

 PLEASE NOTE: The image shown is of the old style.