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SWING Digital Neckloop System

SWING Digital Neckloop System
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SWING digital reveals a new quality of audio transmission from the TV set, hi-fi system, PC or other devices to the under-the-chin receiver.

The 2.4 gigahertz frequency band permits wireless transmission of high bit rates without compression. In connection with the intelligent audiological speech frequency generation, this results in a remarkably clear and clean sound reproduction in CD quality, safe and completely without any interference. 

The swing-digital set contains the transmitter and receiver as well as all necessary connection cables and adapters.

The receiver has fully adjustable Volume, Tone and Balance controls which do not affect the sound source.

As standard the ergonomically designed under-the-chin receiver comes with two earpiece types, the standard shape and a tapered shape for smaller ear canals.

You can connect to your television or audio source using Optical Toslink, direct audio or Microphone.

The earpieces of the under-the chin receiver can be pivoted. This ensures their safe fit in your ear even when you change your body posture.