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Siemens Bluetooth equipment

Siemens easyTek audio streamer

Do you have a Siemens wireless hearing aid?

If you do you may be able to benefit from the Siemens easyTek audio streaming equipment. This will enable you to connect your hearing aids directly to Bluetooth equipment such as your TV, music player, laptop, smartphone and radio aid receivers. There is also a smartphone App which works with the system so you can control your hearing aid from your phone.

The easyTek is very small, light and stylish and can be worn on top of clothing or discretely hidden underneath clothes. It works right out of the box at a touch of a button! – no need to go back to your hearing aid provider to get it programmed.

Siemens easyTek accessories:

The voice link transmitter is a remote microphone that can be given to speakers at conferences or presentations and allows you to hear as if they were sitting next to you. This also helps in noisy places such as restaurants where it is always a struggle to hear.

The Siemens Tek Transmitter can be used to make devices that do not have Bluetooth function work with the easyTek. If your TV or sound system is not Bluetooth enabled then you can still use the easyTek to hear your favourite programmes by using the Tek transmitter.

The easyTek is compatible with the following hearing aids:

NHS: Teneo R+, Teneo S+, Teneo M+, Teneo HP+

Retail: Pure binax, Carat binax, Motion binax, Insio binax (CIC, ITE, ITC), Orion 2

Try before you buy at Hi Kent. We have Siemens easyTek systems set up for you to try at our Maidstone and Canterbury centres. To make an appointment for a Siemens easyTek demonstration please contact:

Hi Kent Maidstone 01622 691151

Hi Kent Canterbury 01227 760046


Products in this category

  • Siemens easyTek audio streamer

    Siemens easyTek audio streamer

    £238.50 (£286.20 inc VAT)

    The Siemens easyTek audio streamer will wirelessly link your hearing aids to other devices via Bluetooth. This will enable you to listen to your TV, music player, laptop, smart phone and radio aid receiver directly into your hearing aid.

  • EasyTek TV transmitter

    EasyTek TV transmitter

    £65.50 (£78.60 inc VAT)

    The Siemens Tek transmitter will enable the easyTek to connect with devices that do not have Bluetooth function.

  • Siemens Voice Link Microphone Transmitter

    Siemens Voice Link Microphone Transmitter

    £88.00 (£105.60 inc VAT)

    Microphone transmitter for use with the Siemens easyTek audio streamer.