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iLuv Smartshaker 2 in white colour - top view
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Smartshaker 2

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Quiet, unobtrusive and effective alternative to normal alarms

Do you keep a different work schedule to your partner? Need to get up and start your day, but don't want to wake them? The SmartShaker 2 from iLuv is your answer. Instead of a regular alarm, which resonates around your room waking you and your partner in the process, the SmartShaker sits discreetly under your pillow and wakes you using a gentle but insistent vibration. Ideal for partners with different schedules, heavy sleepers or those who just plain don't like regular alarms.

Choose from three different levels of vibration

The SmartShaker is perfect for even the deepest of slumberers. Three levels of vibration, from light to heavy, allow you to control exactly how you wake up. Maybe you're not a heavy sleeper, but you want to wake up energised and ready for the day, or maybe you're a light sleeper who needs a delicate morning routine. There's something in the SmartShaker 2 for everyone's sleep pattern

Free companion app keeps you informed

The SmartShaker+ app, available for iOS and Android smartphones, offers a wealth of options for the SmartShaker 2. Set up to 10 alarms, check the battery life of your alarm and even check on local weather conditions - this app has everything you could need for a smooth, efficient start to the day.

Choose from eight different ringtones as well as vibration

Even if you're a fan of conventional alarms with sound, the SmartShaker 2 has you covered. Eight built-in ringtones can be used in conjunction with the vibration function, ranging from the soothing sound of a babbling stream to louder and more energetic tones like a rooster, an air horn or a doorbell.

Built-in snooze button

Woken up by mistake? Saturday morning and your alarm's gone off anyway? Simply press the SmartShaker 2's integrated snooze button and sink back into your pillows. Of course, the snooze button also comes in handy if you just want five more minutes

Bluetooth connectivity means no tangled wires

There's no chance of accidentally pulling the SmartShaker 2 out from under your pillow, or tripping over any tangled wires in the morning, thanks to this smart alarm's Bluetooth connectivity. Simply pair the SmartShaker 2 with your smartphone or tablet, set your alarm and enjoy a good night's sleep.

Rechargeable battery provides up to 7 days' usage

The SmartShaker 2 is always ready to wake you up, even when it's been running for a few days. Up to 7 days' continuous usage will get you through the work week (and the weekend, if you don't forget to switch it off!).

When the alarm does run out of power, recharging it is pure simplicity. Just connect the included charging cable to a powered USB port (PC, laptop or mains charger, for example) and after a little while, your alarm will be ready again.

Almost double the vibration strength of most smartphones

Sometimes it can be hard to hear a message or call if your smartphone is on vibrate. Not so with the SmartShaker 2, which has a vibration strength nearly double that of most smartphones, so there's no chance of you missing your alarm.


  • Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Set it and forget it - works independently without Bluetooth Smart constantly being connected to your mobile device once the alarm is set;
  • Set up to 10 alarms with the easy-to-use app (iOS and Android). Multiple alarm options: wake up to vibration, alarm tone, or both;
  • Set it and forget it - works independently without your phone once the alarm is set. Long battery life lasts up to a month of usage before needing to recharge;
  • Great for couples, heavy sleepers and people with hearing impairments. Small and thin enough to fit under a pillow. Setup is simple and takes only a few seconds;
  • Vibrates three times stronger than an iPhones alarm. Light weight and small so you dont feel it in your sleep.


1.How does it work? The SmartShaker 2 works using a combination of Bluetooth smart technology, custom vibration and a user-friendly app to wake you up to your preference. Simply download the app, add your SmartShaker 2, customize your wake up, and schedule. Then you’re free to fall asleep comfortably, knowing you will wake up on time.

2. Is the SmartShaker 2 right for me if I don’t have hearing loss? The SmartShaker 2 can also be used by everyone! We know that alarms can be frustratingly annoying: they make irritating sounds, they can be overly complicated and worst of all they can go off without you noticing. Luckily the SmartShaker 2 was designed to get you passed all of these challenges.

Furthermore, the SmartShaker 2 is great for couples and roommates on separate schedules. Have you ever wanted to wake up without disturbing your significant other? Thanks to the SmartShaker 2 you now can.

3. How accurate is the Smartshaker 2? The Smartshaker 2 is as accurate as YOU make it. Remember, this is a customizable experience so the power of the wake up setting is determined by how you set it.

4. Is the SmartShaker 2 Safe? Yes. The Smartshaker 2 fully complies with industry standards providing a reliably safe wake up experience.

5. Where can I get a user manual? All SmartShaker 2 devices come with a Quick Start Guide that can also be downloaded on our website here. If you need a more in depth demonstration of how to use the product there are also demo videos embedded in the SmartShaker Plus app.

6. How do I turn it on? The SmartShaker 2 has a simple off/on switch located on the device.

7. How do I connect to other devices? Pairing your SmartShaker 2 - Open the SmartShaker Plus app. - Switch on the SmartShaker 2 (Green) - Select the menu icon in the upper right corner - Select "My devices" then "Add" - Select The Smartshaker 2 - Press and hold the snooze button until the unit it shakes. - Select your Smartshaker 2 from the list of available devices by tapping "Add" - Select "Close" then "Done"

8. How do I connect it to my mobile device? It’s simple! In the SmartShaker+(Plus) App there is a section called “My devices” which allows you to add your SmartShaker 2. Once you have paired up, the app will step you through the rest of the process.

9. Why has my alarm sound become distorted? If the battery level becomes low, your alarm sound may have more distortion. That means it’s time to charge up your SmartShaker 2.

10. How does the LED show the status of the SmartShaker2? LED Indication - Status Green color LED fast blinking - Bluetooth Searching/Smartphone out of range Green color LED slow blinking /During Syncing - Connected/Sync (LED turns off after syncing is finished) Green color LED fast blinking - Alarm sounding Red color LED blinking - Battery low Red LED solid - Charging Green LED solid - Fully charged

11. What will happen if my smartphone is out of range or powered off? SmartShaker2 can work independently after you sync up alarms with your smartphone, so even if your smartphone is out of range or powered off, the SmartShaker2 will still vibrate/sound on the set alarm time. However, to get full function, including control to other iLuv products like Rainbow7, it is better to put your smartphone in range and run Somorio all the time.

12. Why does the SmartShaker 2 not always connect to my smartphone? To save power, SmartShaker2 will go to sleep mode and disconnect your smartphone if it is not used for 5 minutes. Just press and hold the Snooze button for 3 seconds to wake up the SmartShaker 2 immediately.

13. How does the SmartShaker 2 charge? The Smartshaker 2 uses a standard Micro USB to USB charging cable that can connect to any DC 5V 500mA (or higher) USB charger or USB charging port such as on your PC.

14. How long does the battery last? The SmartShaker 2 actually has an impressive battery life that can last up to 10 days before needing to be recharged.

15. Where can I see how much battery is left? Luckily the Somorio app has a battery life indicator so you don’t need to guess when it is time for a recharge.

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