SignWave Sound & Flash Receiver (CCS3A-2217-EU)
SignWave Sound & Flash Receiver (CCS3A-2217-EU)
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SignWave Sound & Flash Receiver (CCS3A-2217-EU)

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Simple to operate and ergonomically designed for use by Carers with varying requirements, the portable SignWave Receiver uses the on-board strobe, adjustable sound volume, and the incoming alert symbol to notify the user to an event.

For use both in the home and in Work/Care environments, the SignWave is designed to give prompt notification of any of the monitored events.

The charger confirms the pager is correctly docked by giving three shakes of the Vibrating Pillow Pad.

With the optional vibrating pillow pad connected to the SignWave charger, the SignWave gives 24 hour warning of monitored events, even for the heaviest of sleepers.

Alert options include

  • Person to Person Key Fob;
  • PIR Movement Monitor;
  • Audio Monitor;
  • Magnetic Door Monitor;
  • Fall Alarm;
  • Low Monitor Battery;
  • Chair Leaving Alarm;
  • Bed Leaving Alarm.

Where a number of monitors are required, for example when monitoring several doors or individuals in different rooms, it is simple to designate different numbers on the SignWave for each monitor.

Up to 12 individual monitors can be programmed to illuminate different keys on the SignWave, giving the Carer plenty of flexibility when setting up the system.


  • Simple event display;
  • Ergonomic design making it easy to pick up and dock;
  • Large cancel button;
  • Volume control;
  • Options to cancel strobe or sound;
  • Pillow Pad option;
  • Integral power cord and Pillow Pad locking mechanism;
  • Mains failure backup;
  • Long range option extends the open air range from 100m to approximately 1000 m;
  • 1 year warranty.


 Instruction manual

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