Echo Link Wireless Infrared TV System transmitter and receiver parts
Echo Link Wireless Infrared TV System transmitter part - back view
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Echo Link Wireless Infrared TV System

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Many people struggle with hearing the television due to a hearing impairment. This causes them to turn the television louder in order to hear their programmes, causing many problems with family members and even neighbours.

So the EchoLink™ Wireless TV listener is a perfect soultion, it can send amplified sound directly to your ears while the television can be set to a volume that suits everyone else listening.


  • Outstanding amplification, suitable for a severe hearing loss 
  • wireless;
  • Long battery life – up to 30 hours;
  • Including headset and neckloop;
  • Easy to connect to the TV (includes digital audio converter);
  • Adjustable volume control;
  • Three position tone control;
  • Easy and convenient to recharge;
  • Crystal clear sound;
  • Not suitable for plasma TVs (glass screen);
  • UK patent GB2469793;
  • Receiver made from translucent material so sound is picked up from all angles;
  • Intelligent charging circuit.

The EchoLink™ is in two parts; a transmitter that plugs in to the TV, radio, music player, etc. and processes the sound sending out Infrared signals. The mains powered transmitter is powerful and lightweight. and can be mounted onto the television with Velcro.

The receiver part picks up the Infrared signals from the transmitter (the receiver must see the transmitter) enabling you to enjoy perfect quality audio through a headset or through your hearing aid on the T setting, using a high powered quick release neckloop. This makes the product suitable for hearing aid and non hearing aid users. The independent handheld receiver has its own volume and tone control and can be easily adjusted without interfering with any one else listening to the TV!

There are no batteries to change in the receiver it has a fast charge circuit which when fully charged can provide up to 30 hours listening time (the longest of all television listeners) The RadioLink™ TV Listener can charge whilst in use – meaning you will never not be able to use your TV listener because the battery is down!

The Echolink™ TV Listener Infrared Stereo System and its sister product ‘RadioLink™’ both have the longest battery life of any of our TV listeners. They last for 30 hours, which is three times more than other TV listeners. Though we note that Infrared cannot to be used with a plasma TV.

With integrated digital audio converter, making the system easy to connect to most modern televisions using the digital optical output socket on the TV, so it is easy to install with just one Toslink Cable, which is provided in the set.

Persons with pacemakers or other medical devices should always consult their GP/ physician or cardiologist before using the device. NeckLoops should not be worn by persons with pacemakers or ICDs (implantable cardioverter defibrillator). Please contact your GP or cardiologist for further information.


  • Echolink receiver;
  • Echolink transmitter;
  • Power adapter 12 VDC x 2;
  • Charging base;
  • Scart plug;
  • Headset;
  • Phono phono lead;
  • Neck loop Ioop;
  • Microphone on lead with mono plug;
  • Toslink cable.


 Instruction manual
 Declaration of conformity

Technical Information

  • Channel: Single Channel 2.3/2.8 Mhz
  • Mode of operation: Stereo or mono
  • Battery: 3.7 V 1,060 mAh LI-ION battery (receiver) (not serviceable by the end user;
  • Volume: (dB) 0 ~ -20 dB (receiver);
  • Dimensions: Transmitter 115 x 75 x 20 mm, receiver 90 mm x 55 mm x 30 mm, charging base 75 mm x 85 mm x 30 mm;
  • Audio input: +20 dB;
  • Microphone input: -40 dB;
  • UK patent: GB2469793.

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