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Tinnitus Group Locations & Dates

We are holding Zoom meetings on the first and third Wednesday of every month from 7-8pm.  We are also delighted to be once again holding face to face meetings as per the list below.  All are free to attend, and if you would like to register your attendance, please contact us at tinnitus@hikent.org.uk

Canterbury (HK Office, 46 Northgate, Canterbury CT1 1BE) - Friday 22nd July 2-4pm BOOKING NECESSARY, VIA EMAIL, AS ONLY 5 SPACES AVAILABLE

Dover (Whitfield Sports Pavilion, Cranleigh Drive, Whitfield, Dover CT16 3FG) - Friday 5th August 2-4pm 

Orpington (Orpington Village Hall, 311 High Street, Orpington BR6 0NN) - Wednesday 7th September 10-noon 

Crowborough (Crowborough Community Centre, Pine Grove, Crowborough TN6 1FE) - Friday 14th October 2-4pm 

Maidstone (HK Office, 18 Brewer Street, Maidstone ME14 RU) - Friday 11th November 2-4pm 

How Hi Kent got involved in Tinnitus

A few years ago, we noticed Hi Kent was seeing increasing numbers of people suffering from tinnitus due to the link between tinnitus and hearing loss. We realised it was a real issue which was having a dramatic effect on people's lives, so we set out to find ways to help.

Most people are familiar with the sensation of ringing in your ears, but the sounds experienced by tinnitus sufferers can be very different. The sound might be buzzing, whooshing or humming and also varies in pitch. There are also additional classifications of tinnitus:

  • Some people experience tinnitus that seems like a familiar tune or song. This is known as musical tinnitus or musical hallucination. Learn more about musical tinnitus here.
  • Some people's tinnitus has a beating rhythm which is in time with their heartbeat. This is known as pulsatile tinnitus. Learn more about pulsatile tinnitus here.

About 10 % of adults, or 6 million people in the UK, have persistent tinnitus that affects their lives. Furthermore, up to 70 % aged over 70 suffer from the disease, so there is a real need for the help and support which Hi Kent provides.

Tinnitus is a hidden illness and even our nearest and dearest forget that we are trying to concentrate over a cacophony of sound. It can be difficult. It is life changing. I support Hi Kent as it facilitates the opportunity to meet other sufferers who can support each other and share the latest tips to ensure that tinnitus does not rule our lives but rather that we learn to manage it and can continue to enjoy our lives to the full.

Jane, tinnitus support group attendee

Tinnitus Support Groups

Six people at the Ashford tinnitus support group

Our support groups for people with tinnitus were intially set up in Maidstone, Ashford and Pembury. We added new meetings in new locations in 2017 and monthly meetings in Orpington in 2018 funded by Orpington Crofton Rotary Club.

These groups are places to share coping strategies and get mutual support. Sometimes they include a guest speaker who will talk about a particular topic.

We have had lots of different speakers who have covered a wide range of different topics over the years, such as the medical progress of tinnitus treatment, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and audiology hypnotherapy. These give people different methods they can try in order to get relief, but, naturally, individual people find out which of these techniques work best for them.

In the group you can meet other people who share your experience of tinnitus and do not dismiss it with 'Oh I get that ringing in my ears sometimes' as many non-sufferers do. We can help each other by sharing our own ways of coping with the problem... The Hi Kent group leaders are very friendly and make a good cup of tea.

Margaret, Orpington tinnitus support group attendee

We work very closely with our local audiologist and hearing therapists and get a lot of support from them. For example, we previously had a special Hearing Therapist and ENT Nurse session at one of our meetings in Maidstone.

All our tinnitus groups are taking place online using Zoom for the time being. They are free to attend, and if you would like details of dates and to register your attendance, please contact us at tinnitus@hikent.org.uk

Sound Therapy Equipment

Woman asleep in bed with a Sound Oasis Travel Sound Therapy System on the bedside table

Another way of treating tinnitus is the use of sound therapy equipment. These devices generate ambient sounds to distract the sufferer from the noise and give them some relief. Sound therapy can be especially useful when trying to fall asleep.

Hi Kent offers a wide range of different devices for sale and you can have a look at these online here.

It's sometimes necessary to try out equipment before you buy it, so that you can see whether it helps. If you'd like to talk about borrowing a device for a trial period, please contact us at tinnitus@hikent.org.uk.

View available equipment

My tinnitus started after ankle surgery. It is frequently very debilitating. I have been to Hi Kent Orpington Group on 3 occasions. I found it very useful to understand more about tinnitus and learn how others manage and cope with theirs.

Mike, Orpington tinnitus support group attendee

Tea For Tinnitus

Glass teapot with people in the background

Tea For Tinnitus is a initiative set up by the British Tinnitus Association (BTA). Every year, Hi Kent – and many other groups across the country – hold a tea party to raise funds and awareness of the condition.


Tinnitus Group Locations & Dates

We are holding Zoom meetings on the first and third Wednesday of the month from 7-8pm.  We also hold face to face meetings as per the list. They are free to attend, and if you would like details of dates and to register your attendance, please contact us at tinnitus@hikent.org.uk