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Conversor Pro

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An effective, easy-to-use wireless conversation amplifier that provides excellent, clear sound at a loud volume and a great price.

The Pro has wonderfully simple operation and can be used to focus on one person speaking, or left on a table to listen to a whole group conversation.

Key Benefits
  • Wireless neckloop for use with hearing aids on the "T" or loop setting;
  • Using the neckloop with your hearing aids helps to hear more clearly by blocking out background noise;
  • Headphone connection on the receiver to connect headphones for non-hearing aid wearers;
  • Directional microphone option, the Pro transmitter can be worn by or pointed at the person talking;
  • Omni-directional microphone option, the Pro transmitter can be put on a table to amplify a whole group conversation;
  • Range of up to 25m;
  • TV connection kit supplied, can be used to listen to the TV and conversation at the same time;
  • If you have a pacemaker, we recommend that you check with your consultant before using a neckloop;
  • If you have a pacemaker, we recommend that you check with your consultant before using a neckloop.

Loss of hearing has many downsides - even the most everyday activities, like watching the television are made difficult. The volume you set your TV set at may be way too loud for other members of your household.

This is when the Conversor Pro Hearing Amplifier comes in to play. This versatile piece of kit allows you to enjoy your favourite shows with the rest of your friends and family at a volume setting that suits everyone. The microphone is placed by the television, sends the signal to your neckloop which then wirelessly connects to your hearing aids so you can enjoy clear and intelligible audio.

On top of this, any background noise is reduced enhancing the sound you hear.

The Conversor Pro Hearing Amplifier is more than just a TV amplifier for the hard of hearing and can be used in a number of settings - and can adapt the type of listening that the situation requires:

Zoom - select the Zoom setting to use it as more of a directional hearing microphone. This allows you to focus in on sound from a certain area. This is ideal for lectures and presentations, for example.

Omni-Directional - need to pick up on voices all around you? Select the Omni-Directional function to enjoy being part of conversations around a table or in a bar, for example.

You can hold the transmitter and point it directly at the desired sound source; or you can place it on a suitable surface in close proximity to the sound source up to 25 metres away. The transmitter can also be worn by a speaker in a lecture or classroom situation.

The Conversor Pro Hearing Amplifier only works alongside a hearing aid with a T-setting.


  • Volume control on neckloop receiver;
  • Microphone boost button;
  • Socket on receiver to allow use by non-hearing aid wearers using headphones;
  • Rechargeable battery with up to eight hours' use from three hours' charge;
  • TV connection kit supplied (jack to jack lead, phono adapter lead and scart plug);
  • Operating range up to 25 m;
  • 2 year warranty.

If you have a pacemaker, we recommend that you check with your consultant before using a neckloop.


 Instruction manual


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