Sometimes you may wish to purchase equipment rather than go through the assessment process.

This could be if:

  • You need the equipment urgently
  • You need an item which is unavailable on assessment
  • You need more than one of a particular item
  • You do not live in the KCC council tax area

Hi Kent has a wide range of equipment from which to select something to meet your hearing needs.

Before buying equipment, we recommend that you book a free demonstration at one of our centres in Maidstone or Canterbury first.


Please be aware that assistive hearing equipment is designed to work with hearing aids, not to be a substitute for them. Unless you cannot wear hearing aids for a medical reason, we strongly recommend that you take a look at this information before purchasing any assistive hearing equipment.

Please note that purchased equipment does not have the lifetime support, given to items which are provided on assessment, and only comes with the manufacturer's warranty.

Montage of different assistive equipment

Under some, limited, circumstances we can offer a home visit for a demonstration of equipment if you are unable to visit a centre. However, there would be a small charge for this service, the amount of which would depend on the distance that staff need to travel. If you require this, please ask us about it when you contact us.