Learn BSL

After many years of campaigning, the British Sign Language Act 2022 finally recognises BSL as an official language of England, Scotland and Wales.

Figures from the British Deaf Association suggest 151,000 people use BSL in the UK, 87,000 of whom are Deaf.

Like any other language, BSL has its own grammar structures and regional dialects.

Why Learn BSL?

You'll be able to communicate with Deaf people, contributing to a society where Deaf people are included. Learning BSL will help you to become deaf aware and celebrate the rich diversity within the Deaf community.

Whether you have a family member, friend or colleague who you would like to improve your communication with, ambitions to become a BSL interpreter, love the language, or just fancy a new challenge, learning BSL is a step on a path that could lead you anywhere.

As with learning any type of language, it takes practice and persistence to master communication skills through sign. However, you can learn a few basic sign language words relatively easily. So, with plenty of new friends to practice with, the learning journey should be as stimulating and rewarding as it is fun.


A man showing how to sign thank you in British sign language