What Will You Learn?

Most people lipread to a certain extent, even those with good hearing. People who develop a gradual hearing loss have often started, unconsciously, to pay more attention to a speaker’s mouth.

In the lip reading class, you will build on any existing ability you have. Being taught how to identify the more visible lip shapes, how to distinguish them from different shapes, and how to be aware of which sounds might look similar. e.g., "f" looks like "v" – try saying "fan" and "van" in the mirror.

Woman producing common lip patterns in speech

You will be taught how to use facial expression and context to help you make sense of what you see on the lips, and to understand the overall meaning of what people are saying. You will learn communication strategies to help support lipreading and residual hearing. You will be shown how to manipulate your environment to maximise your lipreading and use of residual hearing. You will also be taught to finger spell as an aid to lipreading.

A lipreading class provides an ideal opportunity not just to practice your lipreading skills, but also to develop your confidence in coping with your hearing loss. It enables you to exchange experiences and information with those who share the same challenges in everyday life, making it a really supportive and stress-free learning environment.

"The skills and tips are made very easy and fun to learn and have practical application. A sense of camaraderie has developed... Thank you for letting me join the group, it is an honour to join such tenacious individuals!"