Not Getting On With Your Hearing Aids?

If you have tried hearing aids in the past but then stopped using them because you didn't like them, or thought they didn't help, please consider trying again with new ones, since technology is continuously improving. Please also be aware that you are entitled to return to your hearing aid provider for follow-ups after the initial fitting.

NHS hearing aid providers are mandated to provide hearing aids that are appropriate for your hearing needs. 

At the initial fitting, the provider will attempt to get the best fit and sound quality. However, once people have used their hearing aid in the real world, they often need to return for a follow-up to have adjustments to both the quality of the sound and the comfort of the fit. Depending on the complexity, this may require several visits which are paid for under the NHS Contract.

Please be aware that assistive hearing equipment is designed to work with hearing aids, not to be a substitute for them. Unless you cannot wear hearing aids for a medical reason, we strongly recommend that you take these steps before exploring equipment.