Tinnitus Support

What is Tinnitus?

Most people are familiar with the sensation of ringing in your ears, but the sounds experienced by tinnitus sufferers can be very different. The sound might be buzzing, whooshing or humming and also varies in pitch. There are also additional classifications of tinnitus:

  • Some people experience tinnitus that seems like a familiar tune or song. This is known as musical tinnitus or musical hallucination. Learn more about musical tinnitus here.
  • Some people's tinnitus has a beating rhythm which is in time with their heartbeat. This is known as pulsatile tinnitus. Learn more about pulsatile tinnitus here.

About 10% of adults, that's 6 million people in the UK, have persistent tinnitus that affects their lives. Furthermore, up to 70% aged over 70 suffer from the disease, so there is a real need for the help and support which Hi Kent provides.

How did Hi Kent get involved with Tinnitus?

We obviously have a lot of dealings with people with hearing loss. A few years ago, we noticed Hi Kent was seeing increasing numbers of people suffering from tinnitus due to the link between tinnitus and hearing loss. We realised it was a real issue which was having a dramatic effect on people's lives, so we set out to find ways to help.

"Tinnitus is a hidden illness and even our nearest and dearest forget that we are trying to concentrate over a cacophony of sound. It can be difficult. It is life changing. I support Hi Kent as it facilitates the opportunity to meet other sufferers. We support each other and share the latest tips to ensure that tinnitus does not rule our lives, but rather, that we learn to manage it and can continue to enjoy our lives to the full."

Woman holding her ears while two bells ring