Location and Dates

All groups are free to attend. Please register your attendance at tinnitus@hikent.org.uk


2023 Diary - Zoom Meetings

Once a month on the first Wednesday in the month, 7pm - 8pm.

2023 Diary - In Person Groups

Crowborough: Community Centre, Pine Grove, TN6 1FE 

Time: 2pm - 4pm

  • Friday 13th January 
  • Friday 14th April 
  • Friday 14th July 
  • Friday 13th October

Canterbury: 46 Northgate, Canterbury CT1 1BE 

Time: 2pm - 4pm

  • Friday 20th January 
  • Friday 21st April 
  • Friday 21st July 
  • Friday 20th October 

Dover: Whitfield Sports Pavilion, Cranleigh Drive, Whitfield, Dover, CT16 3NW 

Time: 2pm - 4pm

  • Friday 3rd February 
  • Friday 5th May 
  • Friday 4th August 
  • Friday 3rd November

Maidstone: Hi Kent, 18 Brewer Street, Maidstone ME14 1RU 

Time: 2pm - 4pm

  • Friday 10th February 
  • Friday 12th May 
  • Friday 11th August 
  • Friday 10th November

Orpington: Community Room, Orpington Fire Station, Avalon Road, BR6 9AX 

Time: 2pm - 4pm

  • Tuesday 7th March 
  • Tuesday 6th June  
  • Tuesday 5th September 

Whitstable (with Whitstable Hearing): Revival Food & Mood Cafe, 58 High Street, Whitstable, CT5 1BB

To reserve your place please click here Earwax Removal | Audiologists | Whitstable Hearing

Time 3pm - 5pm

  • Tuesday 12th September
  • Then every 3 months

"My tinnitus started after ankle surgery. It is frequently very debilitating. I have been to Hi Kent Orpington Group on three occasions. I found it very useful to understand more about tinnitus and learn how others manage and cope with theirs."