Tinnitus Management Apps

There are many different apps available to help you live your day-to-day life, whilst coping with Tinnitus. These are only a couple. But we've tried them and think they are worth a mention. Let us know what you use, and what you think of these:


    This app was designed by audiologists, psychologists, and researchers, using scientifically proven methodologies, to target areas where patients suffer the most. With MindEar, you can work your way through the anxiety, stress, and depression that often accompanies Tinnitus.

    The MindEar app combines a series of Tinnitus management techniques to provide customized tinnitus care. It is educational, you will learn more about Tinnitus. It will help you understand your relationship with tinnitus, provide the tools to manage it, and this can help you better deal with the symptoms.


    • Access Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) - there are a range of activities designed to help you understand the connection between your thoughts and feelings
    • Escape the feeling of Tinnitus - MindEar uses the experience of soundscapes to transport you to a different place
    • Sleep soundly - a majority of Tinnitus sufferers report low sleep quality, with MindEar, you could finally sleep soundly through guided sessions
    • Point Progression - MindEar uses points to track your progress and reward you for using the app frequently. Therapy can be fun with MindEar!

    Simply download the app from:

    Android: Google Play

    Apple: App Store

      You can find more information on the Mind Ear website

        Nature Sounds

        Sounds of nature can be great for relaxation or sleeping. These sounds are realistic and high quality, so you actually feel like you are walking in the forest or lying on the beach.

        All of the sounds are customizable. For example, you could add a few more birds singing, or sounds of the cracking fire if you wanted to.


        • High quality natural sounds
        • Customizable atmospheres
        • Help against snoring
        • Simple and beautiful design
        • Timer - so the app turns off automatically
        • Beautiful background images
        • Works offline - no internet connection needed

        Simply download the app from:

        Sadly, this is not available on iphones or other apple products at this time.


        Streaming Apps


        There are many other platforms that have many sources dedicated to producing music and sounds to help alleviate tinnitus. Spotify and YouTube both have a wide range of playlists and podcasts covering all aspects of tinnitus management.



        T-Minus can be found on these streaming sites. It's content was developed by a professional musician who developed tinnitus after years of working in the music industry.

        There is a music library of what he calls ‘Mind Environments’ that includes tinnitus-specific music, broadband sounds, modulated sound, and fractal tones that users can choose from to meet their own specific needs.