There are many different speech-to-text apps available for use with mobile phones, computers, tablets, and even SMART glasses. Some are available on android and iphone, whereas others are not available on both platforms. Some are completely free to use. Others have usage limits, then plans you can sign up to. Some you have to buy in the first instant.

The information provided below is for guidance only. Well worth trying out. But please note that there are many options available, not just these.


    Ava is useful to transcribe, or live caption, voice to text for 1-to-1 chats or group conversations in classrooms, business meetings, doctor's appointments, shopping, events, meet-up's in noisy coffee shops or where the background noise is too high.

    See how it works here… 


    •  Adjustable text size and display theme
    • You can reply by text with the unique option for the phone to voice back conversations with a simulated voice
    • Tap words to correct them. The app will then ‘learn’ to transcribe these words correctly
    • To use voice to text in group conversations, invite users to download the Ava app, with a QR code or link, so they can connect with you instantly. Ava shows a real-time color-coded transcript of who says what
    • You can use the app with an extension microphone

      Simply download the app from:

      Android: Google Play

      Apple: App Store

      You can find more information on the Ava website

      Live Transcribe 

        This is a speech-to-text feature of android phones. You can ‘Live Transcribe’ conversations where you are struggling to follow someone’s lip pattern, and you will see the words appear on your phone as they are spoken. It is ideal for one-to-one conversations and small meetings.

        See how it works here...

        This app is available to download on the Google Play store

        After installing the app, turn on Live Transcribe in your phone’s Accessibility settings and tap on the app to use it.

        You can find more information on the Live Transcribe website


        • The ability to work out conversational context to correctly transcribe words that sound the same but have different meanings – for example, ‘grease’ and ‘Greece’
        • 5 text sizes  
        • Choose black text on white background or white text on black background 
        • Option for the person reading the text to type back their part of the conversation 
        • Pause transcriptions while the person is speaking 
        • Save transcriptions in the app. The app automatically deletes them after 3 days. Although you can’t export transcriptions to other apps, you can copy and paste the text 
        • Teach the app unusual sounding names and uncommon words 
        • It can flag up non-speech sounds such as laughter and non-human sounds like the doorbell, phone ringing and music 
        • You can set the phone to vibrate each time someone says your name
        • You can pick from over 70 languages and dialects to read accurate captions in the language that’s being spoken, and quickly switch between languages during bilingual conversations

          You need a high-bandwith connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or 5G) or network connection.

          Sadly, this is not available on iphones or other apple products.


            a white simplified picture of a plane on a turquoise coloured square background, the logo of the Rogervoice app

            This is a speech-to-text phone calling service which delivers subtitles for voice calls in real-time.

            The service is free between people who both have the app. If you call people who don't have the app, a subscription is necessary. So encourage your friends and family to download it.

            One of the most appealing features of this app is that it can be used to call anyone, regardless of whether the person on the receiving end of the call has the app installed on their phone. Once the call is connected, the person on the receiving end of the call is given an audio prompt that the call is being transcribed. After that, everything the recipient says is transcribed in real-time and displayed on the user’s mobile phone. Simply put, everything the person you call says, shows up on your phone as text.

            If you'd rather not talk, you can also type what you want to say and the app converts is to speech for the person you have called to hear.

            As with all voice recognition technology, the accuracy is generally good but not perfect. Most errors are usually obvious enough to prompt follow-up questions for clarification.

            It is easy to get started and very user friendly. Simply download the app from:

            Android: Google Play

            Apple: App Store

            There are basic, but useful, features included, such as an option to enlarge the size of the displayed text, another to mute the microphone, and you can also retrieve individual transcriptions of conversations by selecting the appropriate name under the list of contacts.

            You can find more information on the Rogervoice website.


            • Supports over 80 languages 
            • You can speak to the other person on the call, or write your message, which will be read aloud to the other person by a vocal synthesiser 
            • It can also transcribe voicemails 
            • The app doesn’t support calls to emergency services or premium-rate numbers.

              You need a high-bandwith connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or 5G)