NHS Hearing Aid Maintenance Clinics

Hi Kent run aftercare clinics for NHS hearing aids in towns, villages and communities throughout Kent.

Our superb team of Volunteers will provide you with batteries, retubing to ear moulds, new domes and tubing (in some clinics), as well as general help and advice on how to care for your hearing aids.

Please support our clinics and help keep them running by attending in person if at all possible. Donations are always welcome and help us to keep this service running.

If you are interested in volunteering at one of our clinics please click here to find out more.

"We can advise some clients on the difference between a left and a right ear mould, see the smile on their face after their first re-tube after goodness knows how many months. Some we refer on to try some of the equipment at one of our Centres. They are always grateful for our help and I know I have made a difference."

hearing aid fittings