Kent Assessment Services

If you live in Kent and are D/deaf or have a clinical hearing loss, you are entitled to a statutory assessment of your need. This may lead to you having equipment provided for you on a free-of-charge, long-term loan basis.

This includes items such as loud/flashing doorbells, extra loud telephones, equipment to enable you to listen to the TV better, amongst others.

This service is offered by Hi Kent for adults aged 26 and over, on behalf of Kent County Council, Medway Deaf Services (if you live inside the Medway Council area), or Sensory Services (if you have dual sensory needs).

If you live in a different part of the country, please contact your local authority regarding their 'Assessment of Need' services.

If you have a sight loss, you may wish to visit Kent Association for the Blind (KAB) for more information on their services.

"Your representative, Jon, was first class. He made us very welcome by offering us a drink, then explained about the charity and what it does for those with hearing loss. He showed us many products that he thought would be good for us, showing us how they worked, and helping us to select the best one for us. The response from the supplier was very quick, first class. Hats off to Hi Kent. I will pass on their details to anybody who'll benefit from their work."