Support Groups

These groups are places to share coping strategies and get mutual support. Sometimes they include a guest speaker who will talk about a particular topic.

We have had lots of different speakers who have covered a wide range of different topics over the years, such as the medical progress of tinnitus treatment, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and audiology hypnotherapy. These give people different methods they can try in order to get relief. Naturally, individual people find out which of these techniques work best for them.

We work very closely with our local audiologist and hearing therapists and get a lot of support from them. We have previously had a Specialist Hearing Therapist and ENT Nurse session at one of our meetings.

Our meetings are free to attend and are held in Maidstone, Canterbury, Crowborough, and Dover. To register your attendance, please contact us at

We are also pleased to be co-facilitating a new Tinnitus Support Group run by Whitstable Hearing. Click here for more information on their dates and venue.

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"In the group you can meet other people who share your experience of tinnitus and do not dismiss it with 'Oh I get that ringing in my ears sometimes' as many non-sufferers do. We can help each other by sharing our own ways of coping with the problem... The Hi Kent group leaders are very friendly and make a good cup of tea."