The Hi Kent Team

We are a small, but dedicated team here at Hi Kent. What we lack in numbers, we make up for in passion and our dedication to support the D/deaf and people living with hearing loss across Kent.

Each employee, whether full or part-time, office based or working from home, takes on multiple roles within the organisation. Let us introduce ourselves and the main areas we cover:

Maxine Lucas: Chief Operating Officer

Finance, Tinnitus Support Groups, Equipment Demonstration & Advice

Maria Cardoso:

West Kent Clinic Volunteer Coordinator, Tinnitus Coordinator

Donna Chadwick:

North Kent Clinic Volunteer Coordinator

John Clayton:

Management Support Officer, Social Groups

Liz Clayton:

Grants Manager, HR Officer

Kathryn Excell:

Senior Assessment Officer

Carolyn Gordon:

Assessment Officer

Bethany Harris:

Technical Support Officer, Gateway Coordinator, Client Services

Beth Hendy:

Fundraising Officer, Website Management

Zoe Holder:

BSL Coordinator, Ear Care Services, Client Services

Debra Jones:

Press Officer, Secretary to the Trustees, Lipreading Coordinator, HAM Clinic Manager

Vicky Kirk:

Social Groups, Client Services

Jon Lambert:

East Kent Services Manager, Senior Assessment Officer, Client Services, Deaf Awareness Training, Well-Being Walks

Emma Lambert:

East Kent Clinic Volunteer Coordinator, Client Services

Ian McWalter:


Cilla Peck:

Client Services

Leigh Thompsett:

Assessment Officer

This gives an idea of which areas staff are mainly involved in. But each of us does much more. Everyone is involved in the day to day running of Hi Kent and also: giving talks and demonstrations, attending fundraising events, running stalls to promote our Charity, running fundraising stalls at Christmas at fairs and markets, and many, many other things.

And of course, we couldn't do without all of our amazing volunteers. They outnumber us by far, and are the backbone of our clinic network.