Lipreading Classes

What Is Lipreading?

Lipreading is a vital communication skill for many people with hearing loss. It is the ability to recognise the lip shapes, gestures and facial movements of a person when they are speaking, in order to gain a better understanding of what they are saying.

It allows you to broaden your communication giving you the ability to understand what’s going on around you.

Why Learn to Lipread?

Stay Connected:

Communication is part of human contact and is essential for life. Lipreading can mean the difference between staying connected with the world and slowly isolating yourself from it. Maintaining your connection to your loved ones, friends, community, and the world in general is vital for general well-being and mental health.

Build Confidence and Independence:

The ability to understand what is being said helps to build confidence and develop social and communication skills. Learning how to deal with and act in social situations such as attending parties and events with bigger crowds gives you the confidence to go and be involved.

"The feeling of learning how to lip read is often described as if the world is opening up again"

Our Course

You will be taught how to recognise the lip shape of different words. How to use this new skill, when you need to, with the aid of facial expressions, body language as well as using anticipation, knowledge of language, and context to help fill in the gaps.

"It is nice to have achieved my goal and I have got so much confidence when out and about with people. To be told by people, perhaps in a shop, that I follow conversations very well, shows me how the classes are making a difference to my life."

Although this video shows a classroom environment, please note that our classes are now held on Zoom.

Our Lipreading Classes are supported by the National Lottery Community Fund.