What We Can Do

What our clinics can do:

  • Dispense one pack of batteries per hearing aid
  • Clean or re-tube
  • Replace elbows
  • Replace domes
  • Provide advice about use and maintenance, e.g. how to insert a battery correctly

What our clinics can't do:

  • Repair the electronic part, including physical damage
  • Repair or replace moulds
  • Dispense more than one pack of batteries per hearing aid
  • Change the sizes of tubing/domes from what is recommended by your provider
  • Provide service for private hearing aids

Please note: If your aids were prescribed by the Medway group of hospitals (Medway, Gravesend, Darent Valley & Sittingbourne) we are restricted on how we can help, but we can usually re-tube into ear moulds and give batteries.

Please note: If your aids were prescribed by Borough Green Medical Practice and you have a:

  • blue and white card - we are able to supply batteries
  • brown book - we are able to help you with batteries and tubing

Please support our clinics and help keep them running by attending in person if at all possible. Donations are always welcome and help us to keep this service running.

"I just wanted to let you know I visited your clinic on Thursday last week. I experienced the most helpful man, who was issuing batteries on your behalf.  He was an absolute gem and went above and beyond to help me."