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Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones - Open Swim (formerly Xtrainerz)

£141.63  exc. VAT
£169.96 inc. VAT 

Bone conduction headphones deliver sound by bone vibration through the cheekbone directly to the inner ear the outer and middle ear.  It is possible that this will completely bypass the part of the ear where the hearing problem is.  If you are not sure if bone conduction would work for you consult your audiologist.  The headphones can be worn with or without a hearing aid and enable you to hear other sounds at the same time so you are not cut off from the world.

People living with tinnitus tend not to like using traditional earbuds as they block out external noise making their tinnitus appear worse.

Bone conduction technology means you can still hear the world around you whilst using sound as a form of distraction and relaxation for your tinnitus. 

Swimming exercises your whole body and is easy on your joints. It is popular but can become boring lap after lap. Traditional earphones need to be plugged firmly into the ears to ensure they create a seal and stay in place with the intensive body movement. This can be painful and also make you prone to ear infection which has hampered the popularity of earphones amongst swimmers. Powered by bone conduction technology, Xtrainerz swimming MP3 headphones are ear-free and eliminate these problems.

Key features: Wireless, Waterproof IP68 for swimming, lightweight 30g, no mic, no Bluetooth, Induction charging cradle for charging, 8 hours battery life.

  • Designed for Swimming. IP68 Waterproof. Compatitable with swim goggle, cap, and earplugs
  • Plenty of bass and volume underwater with Dedicated equalization
  • Eliminate painful experience caused by in-ear headphones, Fit securely even with intensive body movement
  • 8 hours playback time, workout without your phone