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AmpliPower 50

£83.32  exc. VAT
£99.98 inc. VAT 
SKU: TC319

The Geemarc AmpliPOWER 50 is the loudest and clearest amplified telephone available.

With an amplification level of +60dB and the very useful handsfree speakerphone facility, Tone and memory functions this telephone is suitable for anyone who finds telephone conversations difficult.

The AmpliPOWER 50 is a top of the range domestic model with excellent performance and some good features specifically for deaf people. 

The Geemarc AmpliPOWER 50 is designed to help those with a severe to profound hearing loss. It is similar in listening sound and quality to the CL100/CL1100 and the CL400/CL1400. The high-contrast big buttons are useful for those with visual impairment or with limited dexterity.

The AmpliPOWER has an inductive T coil in the handset and is compatible with all hearing aids with a telecoil facility (as with all our amplified corded telephones).

Please be aware that if used irresponsibly, users who are not familiar with this telephone could damage their hearing, please ensure that the amplification button is depressed after use.


  • Compatible with most hearing aids;
  • Speakerphone;
  • Extra receiving volume control up to 60 dB;
  • Receiving tone control up to 10 dB;
  • Adjustable ringer level and tone;
  • 11 one-touch memories;
  • Message waiting indicator;
  • Headset and shaker outputs;
  • Big button keypad;
  • Extra bright visual ringer indicator;
  • Last number redial;
  • Mute;
  • Wall mountable.


 Instruction manual
 Declaration of conformity

Technical Information

  • Requires 4 x AAA batteries for full volume;
  • Mains power, 230V ac 50Hz is required for this telephone.