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Artone 3 Max Bluetooth Neckloop with hand holding a smartphone
Artone 3 Max control panel

Artone 3 MAX Bluetooth Neckloop

£109.99  exc. VAT
£131.99 inc. VAT 

The Artone 3 MAX streamer is the most powerful bluetooth neckloop on the market, that works even for severe hearing loss and cochlear implants. 

This version of the popular Artone bluetooth loopset /neckloop will create a link from your hearing aid to your Bluetooth phone.

When purchasing the Artone 3 product you upgrade your hearing device to “Bluetooth hearing aid” level.

Hearing aid/implant with Bluetooth function allows the user to communicate over cell phone, using the hearing aid as a handsfree. Further more you can listen to the TV while using the hearing aid/implant as wireless headphones.

The Artone 3 streamer also allow music streaming straight into hearing device from iPhone, iPods, iPads. Artone 3 users can enjoy: podcasts, videos, music transmitted straight to the hearing aid/implant.


  • Supports Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP, and HS/HF profiles;
  • Wirelessly enjoy stereo music from all A2DP-enabled devices, such as iPhone mobile phones, PDA, PC etc.;
  • Features software & CVC echo/noise cancellation for reducing noise;
  • Dual microphone, echo & noise cancellation;
  • Remote controls: play, skip and select your music;
  • Totally wireless;
  • Clear amplified communication;
  • Compatible with any phone with Bluetooth® technology;
  • Compatible with any hearing aid equipped with T-coil option;
  • Rechargeable long-lasting battery;
  • Voice dial options;
  • Compatible with Artone TVB – for Skype, TV, Radio, iPod, etc.


 Instruction manual