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Artone Mic Wireless Microphone

£85.99  exc. VAT
£103.19 inc. VAT 

Artone wireless microphone that will connect to your Bluetooth Loopset (Artone 3 or Artone MS) and will enable you to hear the sounds your were missing until now.

You do not need to have hearing aids with bluetooth, you do not need to have ultra expensive hearing aids. With the Artone Wireless Microphone your hearing aid will be upgraded to the highest possible level, enabling you to listen to conversation, listen to TV, and use a mobile phone.

All you need is a t-coil in your hearing aid, and one of the Artone Buetooth Loopset products.

The Artone is used as a normal microphone by the speaker in a loud ambient noise environment (the microphone sensitivity can be adjusted depending on the proximity of the microphone to the speaker).

The hearing aid user hears clearly the speech of the speaker in their hearing aid without any interference from the ambient noise.


  • Stereo frequency range - A2D2
  • Totally wireless
  • Clear amplified communication
  • Microphone sensitivity control
  • Direct audio input option
  • Rechargeable long lasting battery
  • Compatible with Artone MS, Artone 3, Artone 3 MAX

"As promised, here are some notes about my experience with this Artone Microphone, which you demonstrated for me. I have had hearing aids for over ten years, with very poor hearing on my left and not brilliant on my right side either. I currently have Phonak hearing aids provided by the NHS. I have struggled to hear in the car, particularly when driving with a passenger on my left. Using this Artone Bluetooth Microphone, clipped onto my wife, I have been able to hear what she is saying; quite a difference and has definitely improved my quality of life. It works best with the windows closed, as the microphone does pick up traffic and road noise too. This device has a maximum range of 20m, so if your passenger wonders off you lose the connection and have to pair the devices again."


 Instruction manual