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Bellman Maxi Pro Bluetooth Amplifier BE2021-G

£190.97  exc. VAT
£229.16 inc. VAT 

Maxi Pro 

Maxi Pro is a complete listening tool that connects to your mobile and tablet via Bluetooth. It will connect to a TV with Bluetooth included or you can purchase a separate TV transmitter. Maxi pro works with regular headphones or earphones as well as with hearing aids (neck loop accessory required).

In the box

 Maxi Pro
 Cables & adapters

Easy to use

Up and running in minutes.

Great ergonomics

Robust and user friendly.

Fully digital

Clear and noise-free sound.


Connects to your tablet and mobile.

The master control

1 Charger jack
2 Mic. LED
3 On / Off
4 Mic. selector
5 Tone / Volume
6 Volume controls

7 Tone controls
8 Battery LED
9 Microphone
10 Bluetooth LED
11 Bluetooth selector
12 Headphone jack

be2021-maxi-pro-datasheet-en.pdf (