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Bellman Maxi Personal Amplifier BE2020

£95.95  exc. VAT
£115.14 inc. VAT 

A great value conversation amplifier with excellent sound quality and useful features (previously Sonido).

The Bellman Maxi has a variety of unique and thoughtful features, helping to improve sound quality, reduce background noise and minimize handling noise as much as possible at a very reasonable price.

This bestselling digital listener has excellent sound quality. It helps you hear more clearly in noisy places, at a fraction of the price of other digital listeners. The Bellman Maxi is suitable for people with moderate to severe hearing loss.

As well as helping you to tune into conversations, the Bellman Maxi can be fitted with an external microphone for listening to the TV, radio or stereo. The built-in microphone is automatically switched off when you connect it to your TV or other devices. When you watch TV, you can’t hear the person beside you - but if you press and hold down the Mic button, you’ll be able to hear the TV and the conversation simultaneously.

Please note: In order to use the Bellman Maxi, you need to choose your preferred listening method: headphones, earphones or stethoset.

Key Benefits

  • Hear above the noise - The Bellman Maxi is ideal for following conversations in loud social situations - it makes speech clearer by reducing background noise.
  • Enjoy surround sound - The omni-directional microphone means you can pick up amplified sound from all around; helpful when you want to hear several sounds at once.
  • Watch TV without disturbing others - Use an external microphone (not included) to hear the TV, radio or stereo more easily. The sound is sent straight to your ears and cuts out background noise.
  • Customise the sound - Tone control lets you adjust the bass and treble to suit your hearing loss. Plus, you can set the volume at different levels for each ear.
  • Protect your hearing - This clever device protects your hearing by automatically switching to a lower volume setting when it’s turned on.
  • Exceptional sound quality - The Bellman Maxi uses the same technology as a digital hearing aid. It has excellent sound quality, at the fraction of the price of other digital listeners.
  • Choose your listening option - The Bellman Maxi comes without a listening option, allowing you to choose the best one to suit your needs.
  • Use with hearing aids - If you wear hearing aids then you’ll need a neckloop or ear hook(s) to transfer the sound to your hearing aids when on the ‘T’ setting.
  • Use without hearing aids - If you don't wear hearing aids, you’ll need headphones/earphones or a stethoset to hear the amplified sound. Plus you can listen in to hearing loop systems.
  • Easy to hold - It’s excellent for people who have trouble holding small things, with an easy-grip coating and large soft-touch buttons.
  • Extended battery life - The Bellman Maxi has 150 hours of battery life - almost double that of most other listeners.


  • Microphones Omnidirectional
    Signal processing 16 bit, all digital
    Telecoil For venues with a loop system
    Push-to-listen Lowers the TV or radio
    Batteries Regular AA batteries