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SKU: TC302

The CL100 is a corded telephone with a large button keypad and many useful features including the ability to amplify incoming speech.

The CL100 produces a loop signal which makes it suitable for use by people who wish to use their hearing aid switched to the “T” setting.


  • It can amplify incoming speech by up to 30 dB;
  • It has an adjustable tone control for incoming speech of +/- 10 dB;
  • It can amplify your outgoing speech by up to 4 dB;
  • It has an inductive coupler and can therefore be used by a hearing aid user with the aid switched to the “T” setting;
  • It can store 3 numbers which can be dialled at a single press. A further 9 numbers can be stored in the memory;
  • The ringer volume can be adjusted;
  • A flashing light, in addition to the ringer, indicates that you have an incoming call;
  • It can be wall mounted if required.


 Instruction manual
 Declaration of conformity

Technical Information

  • Receiving volume gain +30 dB;
  • Receiving tone gain +/-10 dB;
  • Speech volume gain +/-4 dB;
  • Wall mountable;
  • Dimensions : 20 x 10 x 21 cm;
  • 4 x AAA alkaline batteries are required to increase the ringer level up to 10 dB (not included).