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CL595 Big Button Telephone with Talking Functions and Answering Machine 50dB

£83.33  exc. VAT
£100.00 inc. VAT 
SKU: TG418
    • The Geemarc CL595 is an Extra loud, corded phone with large photo buttons an SOS function and answering machine.

      The Geemarc CL595 is an amplified corded phone with raised, tactile keys, perfect for users with dexterity issues. This phone has three, one touch memory photo buttons and an integrated phonebook can also hold a further 50 contacts, a redial facility is available for the last ten outgoing calls.

      The Geemarc CL595 has a built-in SOS function. It can hold up to four emergency numbers and has capacity to store a recordable emergency message.

      The CL595 offers extra loud, adjustable ringer and receiver volume. It also offers a built-in answering machine and the option to add additional handsets if required.

  • Features

      • Hearing Aid Compatible
      • Adjustable receiving volume control (up to 50dB)
      • 4 one-touch memories (with talking caller ID), 3 with pictures
      • Speaker phone
      • Redial function for last 10 outgoing calls
      • Phonebook can store up to 50 names and numbers (4 of which have talking caller ID)
      • Mute/Pause function

      Answering Machine

      • 30 minutes of recording time
      • On/Off key
      • 1 announcement
      • 4-digit user selectable remote codes
      • Remote control for messages on handset
      • Erase each/all messages
      • Time & date stamp on recorded messages
      • 4 languages voice announcement: English, German, French and Dutch
      • Voice memo recorder
      • “Slow reading” function
      • Choice of the number of ringtones before answering machine answers
  • Technical Information

      • Memory storage
      • Power supply by AC adapter (supplied)
      • Dial voice frequency
      • Main phone wall mountable
      • Range: indoors up to 50m / open field up to 300m