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Humantechnik CM-BT2 Bluetooth Neckloop with mains charger, car charger and USB-to-mini jack cable

CM-BT2 Bluetooth Neckloop (Bluetooth v5.0)

£85.99  exc. VAT
£103.19 inc. VAT 
    • This Bluetooth (R) receiver allows you to be hands free whilst making and answering phone calls.

      Primarily for use with the included neckloop and a hearing aid T loop facility, it can also be used with earphones or a headset without a hearing aid.

      The built-in microphone transmits what you say directly to the cell phone.

  • Technical Information

      • Bluetooth specification version 5.0
      • Frequency spectrum: 2.4 Ghz ISM spectrum
      • Frequency: 79 channels
      • Modulation: GFSK (Gaussian frequency shift keying)
      • Bluetooth Profile: HSP speech out put / music out put by headset
      • HFP wireless telephoning
      • A2DP stereo headphones
      • AVRCP remote control of audio data
      • Operating distance: 10m
      • Stand-by time: up to 120h
      • Talk time: up to 3h with neckloop, up to 13h with headphones
      • Charging time: 3h

This product is not recommended for users with pacemakers.


 Instruction manual
 Declaration of conformity