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Communicator Amplifier For Hard Of Hearing People

£84.22  exc. VAT
£101.06 inc. VAT 
This could be described as an electronic ear trumpet! It is a lightweight stetoclip incorporating a high quality amplifier with built-in microphone. 
  • Designed for use in communicating easily with the elderly, bedridden and infirm.
  • Ideal for use where health professionals need to communicate with patients.
  • Useful for first contact at hearing aid centres.
  • Combined ON/OFF & tone switch (off/normal/high tone).
  • Easy volume control.
  • Available in a choice of five colours - great for easy identification when multiple Communicators are used in the same location. 

Supplied with one LR44 battery and cleaning wipe. Weight: approx. 21 g.

Although the Communicator can use 675 Zinc Air hearing aid batteries, the Zinc Air batteries do self discharge relatively quickly so we advise using Alkaline LR44 batteries.

Technical Details

  • Battery life: 250-500 hours;
  • Battery type: Size 675/LR44;
  • Output: 128 dB;
  • Gain position 1: 56 dB (wide band);
  • Gain position 2: 45 dB (low frequency cut);
  • Frequency Range: 200-6500 Hz.