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EchoLoop Pad

EchoLoop Pad

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SKU: LH630

The Echo® Loop Pad™ is a powerful and flexible pad for use with hearing aids that have the ‘T’ setting. The Loop pad is compatible with:

  • Echo® MegaLoop™;
  • EchoSL™;
  • Echo® MegaLoop DAC™.

An electric current is fed to the loop pad by an amplifier that gets its signal from a connection with a sound source (i.e. TV or Microphone). The current in the loop pad produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field is picked up if you are sitting within the area of the loop pad and your hearing aid is set to ‘T’.

The Loop Pad covers a range of up to 1.5 meters, the pad can be used in place of a fitted Loop wire, making a loop system more adaptable and portable is situations such as meetings/ interviews or reception areas. The pad can be placed under a seat cushion or under a desk, free of any connecting wires.

Place the amplifier in a convenient position, connect the lead frrm the Loop pad to the terminals on the back of the amplifier and place the Pad in a convenient position for the user, ensuring the connecting lead is kept out of the way to prevent injury or obstruction.


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Technical Information

  • Dimensions: 355 mm x 255 mm x 3 mm;
  • Cable Length: 10m (can be reduced).