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Signia Streamline TV

£105.00  exc. VAT
£126.00 inc. VAT 

StreamLine TV feeds audio from your television directly into your hearing aids in Dolby Digital quality. It offers intuitive, fully automatic handling for a state-of-the-art wireless listening experience.

StreamLine TV offers the most convenient way of “TV watching with your family” if there are other members in your family wearing hearing aids. StreamLine TV enables direct streaming into multiple pairs of compatible Signia hearing aids at the same time.

Via using the Signia app, you can easily start and pause TV streaming as well as adjust the volume as you want to without any need for an onboard control.

StreamLine TV is fully compatible with other streaming technologies offered by Signia. In that way, you can accept a phone call while you are watching TV, where TV streaming will automatically be paused.

StreamLine TV is compatible with all televisions with one of the following connections:

  1. TOSLINK cable (optical / digital)
  2. Cinch cable (RCA / analog)
  3. Jack adapter

The StreamLine TV Transmitter is only compatible with Signia Nx, Xperience and Stretta hearing aids.

"Just to provide feedback as requested, I can advise that the Signia Streamline TV equipment that I purchased is excellent. It's extremely easy to use and connect. If you get a call coming in, it cuts out the tv sound and the phone connects to the hearing aids. When the call is finished, the tv automatically reconnects. I have it connected using the optical out option."

"This is excellent, it connects straight to my hearing aids via Bluetooth. I can hear the tv so clearly, I don’t need the subtitles on. I can adjust the volume to my level, without it interfering with anyone else. It’s brilliant, would definitely recommend."