Angled top view of the Signolux Alarmo

Signolux Alarmo (A-2654-0)

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The Alarmo has been conceived to enable the easy incorporation of already existing smoke detectors into the Signolux signalling system, without need for modification or wiring.

The Alarmo scans environmental noises in proximity for sound patterns typical of smoke detectors and fire alarm systems of any type.

False alarms, possibly caused by alarm sounds not actually within in the room, e. g., passing emergency vehicles, TV and movie sound effects, are prevented by means of intelligent analysis and filtering of the registered sound.

If an alarm sound is identified as such, The Alarmo transmits a radio signal to paired Signolux receivers within range, which will indicate the incident with light, vibration or sound, depending on the type of receiver.


     Instruction manual

     Declaration of conformity

    Technical Information

    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 65x93x150 mm;
    • Colour: bronze-metallic;
    • Weight: 220 g;
    • Power supply: 12 V power supply unit at 110-230 V, 50-60 Hz;
    • 2 hours emergency backup via rechargeable battery, 9 V.

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