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Signolux Tower Doorbell System

£72.49  exc. VAT
£86.99 inc. VAT 
SKU: DS159
  • Top Features

    • Bright Flashing Light
    • aesthetically pleasing
    • 16 Chime Sounds
    • Includes bell push
  • Description

    • The battery-operated Signolux Tower Receiver is an alternative to, or can be used alongside the standard receiver and/or the signolux pager receiver product for people with hearing problems and informs about domestic events with a bright all-round flashing light, LED display of the event symbols and powerful tones, the volume of which can be adjusted.

      The receiver T offers a choice of 16-tone sequences or melodies for acoustic alerting. These can be individually assigned to the respective events.

      About the size of a beverage can, self-standing and mains-independent, the Signolux Tower Receiver can be placed at different locations in the home.

      All Humantechnik alerting modules can be connected via the AUX socket on its back, for example, the vibrating pad, flash module, vibrating contraption and others (see accessories).

  • Technical Information

      • Working range 0 to 40°C
      • Radio frequency 868.425 MHz
      • Volume 90 dB at 1 m
      • Rechargeable batteries 4 x AAA NiMH 1.2 V
      • Operating time per charge 3 weeks (at 5 operations per day)
      • Power supply 7.5 V DC / 1.5A
      • Dimensions 143 x 80 mm (H x Ø)
      • Weight 250 g