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Sonic Shaker Travel Alarm Clock

£33.32  exc. VAT
£39.98 inc. VAT 
SKU: CC205

The Sonic Shaker is a digital vibrating travel alarm clock. The clock is very easy to set and use with vibrate only, beep only or vibrate with beep modes.


  • 12 hour clock with pm indicator;
  • 4 minute snooze;
  • Clip & lead to secure in/under pillow;Hi KentSarabec
  • Manual display LED light (when display is raised);
  • Protective travel pouch for easy packing.


 Instruction Manual

Technical Information

Dimensions: 90 mm in diameter, 30 mm high.
Weight: approx. 200 g with batteries.
Supplied with 2 x AA and 1 AAA alkaline batteries.