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Swissvoice Xtra 2355 White Single

£58.32  exc. VAT
£69.98 inc. VAT 
SKU: TS458
  • Top Features

    • Up to 40dB earpiece volume
    • Hearing Aid compatible
    • Answering Machine
    • Ringer volume of up to 90dB
  • Description

    • The Swissvoice Xtra 2355, is an easy-to-use amplified (up to 40dB) cordless phone with an answering machine and a call- block facility which is incredibly useful if you want to prevent nuisance calls. 

      The phone has 4 direct memories (with pictures on the base and on the A,B,C,D keys on the handset) which make calling your favourite contacts easy.

      The Swissvoice Xtra 235 cordless phone is equipped with a large keypad with talking digits to help you avoid any dialling errors

      This phone has a 30 minute digital answering machine which has a slow play message facility to allow you to listen carefully and pick up each word in every message.

      The Swissvoice Xtra 2355 has a call block facility with two modes: A manual mode with a dedicated key capable of blocking up to 100 entries - and an automatic mode where only stored numbers enable the phone to ring (on /off)

      Caller Display is a subscription-based service from your network provider this will be required for nuisance call block and caller display features to work.

  • Features

      • 4 photo memory buttons
      • Extra-loud receiver volume of 40dB
      • The ringtone can be set up to 90dB
      • Vocalised handset
      • 30-minute answering machine (with slow message replay if required)
      • Nuisance call blocking lets you bar specific numbers or all unknown callers
      • Large backlit display
      • The phone is hearing-aid compatible, with an extra-loud ringer and volume boost, so you'll be able to hear every call
      • Phonebook with space for up to 100 contacts
      • Speakerphone Function
      • Cordless telephone can be equipped with up to three additional handset
      • Ideal for the hard of hearing and visually impaired due to the loud volumes and large bright display

      What's in the box?

      • 1 x Swissvoice Xtra 2355 Cordless Handset
      • 1 x Swissvoice Xtra 2355 Base Unit with Photo Buttons
      • 1 x Mains Power Adaptor
      • 1 x Telephone Line Cord
      • 3 x AAA Rechargeable Batteries Included
      • 1 x User Instruction Manual