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Bellman Visit 868 Telephone Transmitter - landline only (BE1431-868)

£74.17  exc. VAT
£89.00 inc. VAT 
SKU: PB393

Link your telephone into your Bellman home alerting network with this attractive, modern and discreet transmitter.

If you already have a telephone you like but sometimes miss calls whilst in another room, or if you struggle to hear the high-pitched ringer, this alerter is the perfect way to keep in touch. 

This Bellman telephone transmitter is for use with the Bellman Visit paging system. Using a connection cable, it connects directly into your chosen phone, and can be used to alert you to your telephone, fax machine or textphone. On one system, you can use up to four telephone transmitters.


  • Transmitter for use with the Bellman Visit system (you can choose how you want to be alerted);
  • Can alert you to your telephone, textphone or fax machine;
  • A telephone transmitter is needed to use, the door contact switch or the floor contact mat;
  • You can set individual alerts for up to four telephone transmitters;
  • Alerts you to different devices on the same system;
  • Has an external trigger to be used with Bellman Visit accessories like the contact switch and mobile phone sensor;
  • Up to 250 m range;
  • Wall mountable;
  • 2 X AA batteries included;
  • Up to five year battery life.


  • BE1431 Visit telephone transmitter;
  • 2 x 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries;
  • Telephone cord and adapter;
  • Screw and wall plug.


 Instruction manual

Technical Information

Power and battery

  • Battery power;
  • 2 x 1.5 V AA lithium or alkaline type batteries;
  • Power consumption;
  • Active < 70 mA;
  • Idle position < 15 μA;
  • Operation time;
  • Alkaline batteries ~ 5 years;
  • Lithium batteries ~ 10 years.


  • BE9251 Mobile phone sensor;
  • BE9023 Magnetic switch;
  • BE9024 Contact mat;
  • BE9253 Ext. trig. cable, 3.5 mm.


  • RJ11 analogue telephone input;
  • 2.5 mm external trigger input;
  • 3.5 mm external trigger input.

Frequency and coverage

  • Frequency: 314.91 MHz, 433.92 MHz;
  • or 868.30 MHz, depending on region;
  • Coverage: 50 - 250 m, 55 - 273 yd.;
  • depending on the radio frequency;
  • and the building’s characteristics.

Dimensions and weight

  • Height: 100 mm, 4.0";
  • Width: 65 mm, 2.6";
  • Depth: 27 mm, 1.1";
  • Weight: 120 g, 4.2 oz. incl. batteries.


  • The test buttons;
  • A landline telephone;
  • A smartphone or tablet via the mobile phone sensor;
  • A contact mat or magnetic switch;
  • A doorbell connected to the ext trig.


  • For indoor use only.