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Visit Bed Shaker (BE1270)

£23.31  exc. VAT
£27.97 inc. VAT 
SKU: PB394

Nobody likes running late in the mornings. It can ruin the whole day. The problem is, for many people with hearing loss, alarm clocks simply aren’t loud enough to wake them up.

The powerful Bellman Visit bed shaker wakes even the heaviest of sleepers, and is suitable for people with up to profound deafness.

Simply place the bed shaker under or inside your pillow, and plug it into any of the Bellman Visit 868 alarm clocks or receivers (no batteries required). It will vibrate and wake you when your alarm goes off.

The thin design of the bed shaker makes it ideal for overnight use, while its anti-slip protection makes sure it stays in place, even when it vibrates. Thanks to the generous 2 m cable, you can also position the pad where it’s most comfortable for you.

As the bed shaker operates on low voltage, you can sleep safely as well as soundly.

Key benefits

  • No more running late – the powerful vibrations wake even heavy sleepers;
  • Position the thin pad where it’s best for you with the generous 2 m cable;
  • Stays in position even when vibrating thanks to its anti-slip protection;
  • Sleep soundly and safely – the vibrating pad operates at low voltage;
  • No batteries required – just plug into any of the Bellman Visit alarm clocks or receivers (see below).


    • Powerful vibrations to wake even heavy sleepers;
    • Anti-slip protection;
    • Low voltage for safe use;
    • Long cable (2 metres);
    • Works with all Bellman Visit 868 receivers;
    • For indoor use only:
      • Temperature: 59° to 95° F, 15° to 35° C;
      • Relative humidity: 5–95%, non-condensing.


    • 1 x Bellman Visit bed shaker with 2 m cable and 3.5 mm jack connector;
    • 1 x user guide.


     Instruction manual

    Technical Information

    • Operating voltage: 2.0–4.0 V DC from a Visit receiver;
    • Power consumption: 250–750 mA;
    • Clean with a dry cloth only – do not use household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia or abrasives;
    • Weight: 120 g;
    • Colour: white with red rubber anti-slip protector.