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Bellman Visit Doorbell Transmitter (BE1411-868)

£82.53  exc. VAT
£99.04 inc. VAT 
SKU: PB391

Elegant, discreet and perfect for mixed hearing households. This transmitter is most useful if you like your current doorbell, but aren't able to hear it every time.

It works with any doorbell, so you can use Bellman's flashing or vibrating receivers without having to remove or replace your existing system.

Key benefits
  • Transmitter for use with the Bellman Visit system, you can choose how you want to be alerted;
  • Recognises the sound of up to three existing doorbells using a unique 'sound training' feature;
  • Can be wired in directly to the bellpush in a wired doorbell set-up;
  • Can be used to alert using Bellman Visit accessories like the contact switch and mobile phone sensor;
  • External microphone accessory can alert you to other sound sources, like a nearby intercom system;
  • Up to five year's battery life from the 2 x AA batteries included;
  • Up to 250 m range;
  • Wall mountable.


 Instruction manual