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Visit Pager Receiver BE1470-868

£210.06  exc. VAT
£252.07 inc. VAT 
SKU: PB390

Our most popular and effective portable alerting device for deaf and hard of hearing people, for use with the Bellman Visit paging system.

The pager receiver is small and portable with a belt clip and a huge range, with a powerful vibration and lights to tell you what's alerting you.

Key benefits
  • Receiver for use with the Bellman Visit system, with lights to tell you to what you're being alerted;
  • Alerts you with a powerful vibration;
  • Unique vibration pattern and light to identify different alerts;
  • Low battery status indicator;
  • Belt clip for use around the house or in the garden;
  • Can be recharged with the pager charger;
  • When used with charger you can connect a vibrating pad for night-time use;
  • 1 X AAA battery included.

When using this Bellman Pager System, it's easy to move freely about your garden and home knowing that you can always be reached whether it's the doorbell, the telephone or smoke alarm. No more missing the door for an important package, or that long-awaited telephone call from a loved one. Small enough for your pocket and wireless - this is one of the top alerting devices for people with hearing loss.

The Bellman Pager works by receiving a signal from either a baby monitor for parents who are deaf, a doorbell or even a smoke alarm. You can also connect up to two vibrating pads to use at night. Dependent on the signal, the transmitter will vibrate in a certain way and flash on the correct symbol to alert you as to what has been activated.

Since this alerting device form people with up to profound deafness also activates vibration patterns, it is suitable for those who are blind or partially sighted too.
This deaf device can notify up to four different transmitters of the same type (except four separate smoke alarms).


  • Charging cradle with rechargeable battery (note: charging can take up to eight hours);
  • Low battery status indicator;
  • Used with standard alkaline AAA battery (unless you wish to use the charging cradle).


  • BE1470 Visit pager receiver;
  • Safety cord with clip;
  • Extra front label.


 Instruction manual

Technical Information

Power and battery

  • Mains power: 7.5 V DC 200 mA via the charger;
  • Battery power: 1.5 V AAA alkaline or 1.2 V AAA NiMH rechargeable battery;
  • Operation time: Alkaline battery: 2 – 3 weeks, NiMH battery: ~1 week;
  • Power consumption: Active: ≤200 mA, Idle position: ≤1 mA.


  • For indoor use only;
  • Operating temperature: 15° to 35° C, 59° to 95° F;
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing.

Frequency and coverage

  • Radio frequency: 314.91 MHz, 433.92 MHz or 868.30 MHz, depending on the region;
  • Coverage: 50 – 250 m, 55 - 273 yd. depending on the radio frequency and the characteristics of the building.


  • BE1260 Pager charger;
  • BE1270 Bed shaker.

Dimensions and weight

  • Height: 86 mm, 3.4";
  • Width: 57 mm, 2.2";
  • Depth: 29 mm, 1.1";
  • Weight: 70 g, 2.5 oz. incl. battery.

Visit LEDs

The Visit LEDs normally indicates the following:

  • Orange LED, pacifier symbol. The baby monitor is activated;
  • Green LED, door symbol. The door transmitter is activated;
  • Yellow LED, telephone symbol. The phone transmitter is activated;
  • Red LED, fire symbol. The smoke alarm is activated.