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Bellman Visit Push Button Transmitter (BE1420-868)

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£85.21 inc. VAT 
SKU: PB404

A simple push button transmitter for the Bellman Visit paging system.

The push button transmitter can be used as a standard bell push as you would with a normal doorbell, or as a person-to-person alerter in a care environment.

Key benefits
  • Transmitter for use with the Bellman Visit system, you can choose how you want to be alerted;
  • Can be used as a doorbell or a personal alerter in a care environment;
  • Wall mountable;
  • Up to 200 m range;
  • Comes with a neck lanyard for use as a personal alerter;
  • Low battery indicator;
  • 1 X V28PX battery included.

Forming part of the Bellman Visit 868, you are able to use this device as a doorbell for people with a hearing loss. Just stick this to your outside door frame and when a visitor comes calling you will be alerted on the Bellman receiver of your choice. Don’t fret, this product is water-resistant and can withstand the effects of weather.

To use as a person-to-person deaf alerter, simply press the button of this transmitter to alert the other person out of hearing range who will be wearing a Bellman receivers – great for when a family member is in the garden or for times when a patient requires their carer’s attention.


  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use;
  • Complete with neck lanyard;
  • Wall mounted bracket;
  • Battery low indicator.


  • BE1420 Visit push button transmitter with pre-mounted alkaline battery;
  • Lanyard with safety clasp;
  • Adhesive tape, screws and plugs.


 Instruction manual

Technical Information

Power and battery

  • Battery type: 1 x 6 V PX28A alkaline or 1 x 6 V PX28L lithium;
  • Power consumption: Active < 35 mA, idle position < 0.05 μA;
  • Operation time: Alkaline battery ~ 2 years, lithium battery ~ 5 years.

Frequency and coverage

  • Frequency: 314.91 MHz, 433.92 MHz or 868.30 MHz, depending on the region;
  • Coverage: 50 - 250 m, 55 - 273 yd., depending on the radio frequency and the characteristics of the building.


  • For indoor use and outdoor use in a protected location. Will not withstand water or rain;
  • Operating temperature: 15° to 35° C, 59° to 95° F;
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 95%, non condensing.

Dimensions and weight

  • Height: 66 mm, 2.6";
  • Width: 48 mm, 1.9";
  • Depth: 23 mm, 0.9";
  • Weight: 50 g, 1.8 oz. incl. battery.


  • Via the front button.

Maintenance and cleaning

  • Maintenance free: Clean with a dry cloth;
  • Do not use household cleaners,aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia or abrasives.