Wax Removal

Wax Removal by microsuction costs £50 for one or both ears, depending on what was recommended at your Ear Check.

This involves removing the build up of wax and debris to unblock your ear canals and can improve hearing, relieve ear ache, and other symptoms.

For more information or to book an appointment, please email enquiries@hikent.org.uk, text 07512 073841, or call 01227 760046 (Please note that phones are not monitored on a Friday. If the line is busy, please leave a message.)


Thank you so much Hi Kent for the micro suction which was carried out by Zoe today. It is wonderful to know we have such a professional facility in Canterbury.

Zoe was extremely helpful and positive and took great care to explain the procedure before she began. She ensured I felt at ease and this gave me the confidence to ask questions.

The results, once the procedure was completed, have been excellent.


I recently experienced the earwax removal service offered by Zoe at the Northgate office.

It was excellent.

A professional, efficient and quick job with 'before' and 'after' photos to show results.

To be recommended. And a very competitive price to Specsavers.


My mum is very critical, but had nothing but gushing praise for Zoe.

She was clear, explained everything until she was happy my mum understood, and was incredibly sensitive to my mum's worries and concerns.

It was a tricky procedure, but was sorted in one visit and with minimum discomfort.

Zoe instilled confidence in my mum, who didn't experience the side effects she had previously had with ear syringing.

I was fascinated with the equipment, and the whole thing, and Zoe kindly accommodated that! Never patronising and totally professional.

I really cannot speak highly enough of Zoe and the whole team. Thank you, thank you, thank you!